Frequently Asked Questions - Car Leasing

Instead of having to move around the Hamptons looking for a top-notch auto lease deal, with us, you will find a savvier and easier means of doing that via our site. You can access all our services from your comfort zone. And for any further inquiries, we are always available to serve you through a phone call.

One of our primary aims is to improve the auto leasing industry, and we have strived to do so by utilizing some concepts that satisfy the demands of every car buyer. Kindly call us to launch your auto lease, and we will do the rest for you. But, before you proceed, we advise that you peruse some frequent questions that are usually asked by our clients and our direct answers to each question. However, if you cannot find your specific question among those listed here, give us a call on 631-212-8450. We will respond accurately and promptly.

What makes Hamptons Car Leasing unique?

Among several companies within the automobile industry, you will always find the word “unique” with every brand. However, we don’t just claim that we are unique, as most do, we show it through our problem-solving mode of operation. We operate an online-based inventory the runs at a lesser cost, compared to the costly showroom used by our competitors. Our sales personnel are well cultured to prioritize the needs of customers over being overly ambitious like your regular salesman will do. Also, our business model is fine-tuned to offer satisfactory customer experience to our lessees throughout the process. We understand if people consider our flexible policies as unsustainable, but courtesy of our online business model which runs at a lower cost, we operate a fantastic and profitable auto leasing program. And consequently, our financial strength is sufficient to offer the best bargain to our customers.

Do you permit your clients to assess vehicles physically?

Yes, we do. We don’t expect you to take such a massive financial commitment without reviewing what we have to offer. Although our website allows you to register for a lease, mainly if your requirement is just a simple lease agreement, however, if you demand a physical assessment of vehicle, we will establish an inspection date for you before signing the lease agreement. All you have to do is to let us know your schedule and our auto leasing specialist will create a time of inspection that will be convenient for you.

What are the available options while choosing a car?

We are well-known for offering many choices to our clients. We have a great relationship with every auto leasing firms around; hence, it is quite easy for us to get the latest models which a brand has to offer with a customization option for our clients before signing a lease agreement. If you are interested, kindly give us a phone call so that one of our experienced auto lease experts can guide you through. Our number is 631-212-8450.